Europe’s first fur-free shopping street

fur-free shopping street

AMSTERDAM, 20 JUNE 2016 – After working together with Dutch animal protection organisation Bont voor Dieren, the store owners on the Hartenstraat in Amsterdam have decided to ban all fur items from their shops. With this compassionate move the Hartenstraat (which translates as ‘Heartstreet’) has become the first fur-free shopping street in Europe. The 19 store

Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina urged to support fur farming ban

Fur farming ban Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO, 19 JUNE 2016 – Worldwide citizens are expressing their support for the fur farming ban in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Similar to several other EU members states, the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to ban fur farming on ethical grounds in 2009. The fur farming ban includes a phase-out period of 10 years providing fur farmers with a

Armani’s fur-free policy celebrated worldwide

Armani fur free

13 April 2016 – Since Armani’s announcement to drop fur last month the luxury brand’s new fur-free policy turned trending topic in online fashion magazines worldwide. Fashion critics and bloggers all over the world applauded Armani’s innovative and compassionate decision. Perez Hilton: “We LOVE this! Good call, Giorgio!” ELLE: “This is a major step for cruelty-free fashion” Shelly Vella, Fashion and

Luxury brand Armani goes fur free

Armani fur free

MILAN, 22 MARCH 2016 – The Fur Free Alliance praises renowned luxury brand Armani for today’s announcement to drop all real animal fur. With its decision the Italian high-end label responds to a growing consumer demand for ethical and sustainable fashion. Armani will leave out all real fur, including rabbit fur, from its collection starting

Award-winning documentary Inside Fur screened in Estonia

Ola Waagen film director Inside Fur

TALLIN, 3 DECEMBER – Last week the Norwegian Award-winning documentary Inside Fur (Pels) was screened at Tallinn’s Cinema House. The documentary, which gives an alarming inside view on the atrocities of the Nordic fur industry, was internationally released in April 2015 and is currently circulating the global film festival circuit. The film screening, which was organised by Fur Free Alliance member

Major new report on European fur trade

What’s behind fashion? European fur trade marketed as responsible business. The European fur industry, and especially the Nordic fur industry, markets itself as a responsible business concerned about ethics. A new report reveals that fur farms producing Saga fur, the main Nordic fur auction house and brand, share the considerable animal welfare problems inherent in