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The Fur Free Alliance exists to end the exploitation and killing of animals for fur.

The Alliance is an international coalition that consists of more than 50 animal protection organisations, based in more than 35 countries around the world, working collaboratively to bring about the end of fur farming and fur trapping, using wholly peaceful means.

The coalition focuses on three inter-related priority areas vital in the campaign to end the fur trade: political, corporate and consumer.

  • On a political level, it focuses on the expansion of national production bans in order to decrease supply.
  • On a corporate level, it focuses on the promotion of the Fur Free Retailer scheme and corporate campaigns in order to decrease demand.
  • On a consumer level, it focuses on raising the serious animal welfare issues related to fur farming and trapping, via investigations and veterinary expertise, in order to build the public’s opposition to buying and wearing fur and to encourage politicians to outlaw the practice.

These three areas together work to achieve our aim by increasing opposition to the fur trade, decreasing the number of animals bred and killed for their fur and reducing consumer demand.

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  • Joh Vinding, Anima (Denmark)

    "The more consumers learn about the atrocities animals go through on fur farms or when caught in traps, the more interested companies become in going fur free. I’m convinced many more fashion giants will join our program in the years to come - it’s simply good business to do so."

  • Sandra Schoenmakers, Fur for Animals (The Netherlands)

    "Nobody is in need of fur to stay warm nowadays. Fur is a unnecessary luxury product for which animals are leading miserable lives and are killed in a very cruel way."

  • Nicki Brooks, Respect for Animals (UK)

    "Fur farming is not like any other form of agriculture. Mink and fox are inherently unsuited to intensive farming conditions. They are still essentially wild animals and to keep them in this way is extremely cruel."

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    The Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of over 50 animal protection organisations representing millions