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International organisations urge Czech Senate to end fur farming

16 JULY 2017, PRAGUE – This week 40 animal protection organisations worldwide co-signed a letter to call upon the Czech Senate to end fur farming.

The letter was handed over by Fur Free Alliance member organisation Svoboda Zvirat to Mr. Jaroslav Müllner, head of the secretariat of the President of the Senate, and urges the senators to do the right thing for animal welfare and implement a ban fur farming ban at their earliest opportunity:

“Legislation to prohibit fur farming is becoming increasingly widespread in Europe. The inherent cruelty of fur farming and the ethical concerns of a vast majority of the population have led many countries to close down fur farms in recent years. We are very pleased that the Czech Republic is at the forefront of that movement in Europe, as it considers prohibiting the cruel practice of fur farming.“

The letter will be distributed to all members of the Senate. Read the full letter here.

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The ban on fur farming in the Czech Republic is widely supported by the Czech population. A recent opinion poll showed that 83% of the Czech population is in favor of the ban and 85% does not buy fur products. Furthermore, nearly 46 000 Czech citizens signed a recent petition – and an extra 20 000 signed an electronic appeal – to express their support for a fur farming ban in the Czech Republic.


International organisations urge Czech Senate to end fur farming