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Fur industry in Bulgaria loses court case against mink ban

SOFIA, 1 JULY 2024 – The Administrative Court of Sofia City has issued a decision on the case regarding the ban on the import and breeding of American mink in Bulgaria. The court accepted as groundless the appeal of the only operating mink fur farm in Bulgaria. The legal process was started in 2022, a few

Fur farming ban bill proposal submitted to the Speaker of the Parliament — signed by more than 120 MPs

WARSAW, 14 JUNE 2024 – MP Malgorzata Tracz today submitted her bill banning the breeding of animals for fur to Sejm Speaker Szymon Holownia. More than 120 politicians and politicians signed the bill, including Aleksandra Gajewska, Katarzyna Piekarska, Adrian Zandberg, Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Gabriela Lenartowicz, Dorota Olko, and Speaker Szymon Holownia himself. Now the bill will

Fur Free Alliance visits Poland, appeals to the Parliament to ban fur farming

WARSAW, 16 May 2024 – Today, animal advocates from the international coalition Fur Free Alliance have gathered in Warsaw in support of a new Polish fur farming ban proposal due to be submitted soon. Poland is currently the biggest fur producer in Europe. There have been several attempts to introduce a fur farming ban bill

One Voice supports ELLE against the furriers’ union

Today, a Fur Free Alliance member, One Voice, will be present at the Nanterre judicial court to take up the defence of ELLE INTERNATIONAL (Lagardère group) and its exclusive licensee in France CMI, attacked by the French Fur Trade Federation for saying what is: real fur is a source of suffering and cruel for animals.

Spectacular hot air balloon flight over Max Mara Fashion Group headquarters to demand the brand to go fur-free

The call by HSI, LAV and Fur Free Alliance members to “kick off” Milan Fashion Week REGGIO EMILIA, Italy (Feb. 20, 2024) —“Max Mara GO FUR-FREE!” is the message launched by the animal protection groups Humane Society International and LAV, along with all members of the Fur Free Alliance, to the Italian fashion house Max

Fur Free Alliance criticises the European Commission’s delay on banning fur farming and sales in the EU

The Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of over 50 animal protection organisations representing millions of supporters worldwide, expresses its profound disappointment and frustration at the European Commission’s (EC) decision to delay the urgent need to end fur farming in the EU. Instead, the Commission has requested an opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)