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  • Bianca Debaets, Belgium - State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region (2015)

    "Raising animals, encaged solely for the production of luxury objects, is no more of our time."

  • Mr. Robin Bönisch, Czech Republic Member of Parliament (2017)

    "Breeding and killing animals primarily for fur is no longer acceptable in the 21st century. Species like mink and fox can not be successfully domesticated."

  • The Netherlands, The Hague - National Court of Appeals (2015)

    "Mink farmers had to take into consideration that there would come a time when their activities would be prohibited."

  • Bob Blumenfield, Los Angeles Council member

    "I am proud that our city made a giant step in ending the unnecessary killing of animals, but we must continue towards finally eliminating this vile market."

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands (2016)

    'The recognition of the intrinsic value of animals by society and its enshrinement in law is considered to be a progressive step in the process of civilisation.'

  • Elliot Morley, UK - Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture (2000)

    'Fur farming is not consistent with a proper value and respect for animal life. Animal life should not be destroyed in the absence of a sufficient justification in terms of public benefit'

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    Ukraine proposes bill to ban fur farming

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    Serbia starts 2019 off right by outlawing fur farms

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