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Animal ethics in modern society

Animal welfare problems on fur farms

Facts on fur farming legislation

Economic decline of the fur industry

Employment and retraining of fur farm workers

Impact on biodiversity

Welfare problems on chinchilla farms

Mislabelling and consumer protection

  • Stefano Patuanelli, Italy - Minister of Agriculture (2021)

    "It is not justified to farm animals just for fur."

  • Pippa Hackett, Ireland - Senator and Minister of State (2022)

    "No welfare standards or inspection regimes can prevent welfare problems being encountered regularly on fur farms."

  • Fernand Etgen, Luxembourg - Minister of Agriculture (2016)

    'Animal welfare legislation requires profound reform because of what scientific advances had revealed about animals, and because of changes in how animals are viewed by human society.'

  • Tina Bru, Norway - Member of Parliament of the Conservative Party (2016)

    "It is not possible to ensure satisfactory animal welfare for the animals in this business."

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    WARSAW, 14 JUNE 2024 - MP Malgorzata Tracz today submitted her bill banning the breeding of anima

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    Today, a Fur Free Alliance member, One Voice, will be present at the Nanter