Public Opinion

Fur is a non-essential luxury item. An increasing majority of the population finds it unjustifiable to subject animals to prolonged suffering for trivial ends, such as fur coats or fashion accessories. The publicʼs long-standing opposition to fur farming and our changed ethical perception of animals is reflected by law in an increasing number of countries.

The ethical concerns of a large majority of the population and the inherent cruelty of fur farming have led an increasing number of countries to legislate against fur farming in recent years.

Opinion polls in Europe

Causing suffering and killing animals for a non-essential and even trivial reason as fashion contravenes public morality. Opinion polls from a number of European countries have consistently demonstrated that the majority of citizens consider breeding animals for fur unacceptable.

European citizens against fur farming

  • Austria: 81% of Austrians consider that killing animals for fur products is wrong (Integral Survey/Four Paws, 2014)
  • Belgium: 86% favour a ban on breeding animals for their fur (Ipson/GAIA, 2012)
  • Bulgaria: 75% of the population does not consider fur farming justifiable (MBMD, 2018)
  • Croatia: 73% agree that breeding animals for fur should be legally banned in Croatia (SPEM Communication Group, Animal Friends Croatia, 2006)
  • Czech Republic: 82% of the Czech citizens do not agree with killing animals for fur(the Czech public opinion research center Centre pro výzkum veřejného mínění, CVVM/Svoboda Zvirat, 2017)
  • Denmark: 55% of Danes are against the production of fur (YouGov, 2017)
  • Estonia: 69% of the Estonian population dissaprove the raising and killing of wild animals for fur (National omnibus survey by Kantar Emor/LOOMUS, 2016)
  • Finland: 60% of the Finnish population would like to see an end to fur farming (Taloustutkimus Oy, 2019)
  • France: 51% thinks the breeding of animals for fur should end (Ipsos/OneVoice, 2017)
  • Germany: 86% of Germans consider that killing animals for fur products is wrong (Integral/Four Paws Germany 2014)
  • Greece: 80% of the Greek population oppose the breeding and killing animals for the commercial exploitation of fur (Metron Analysis, 2018)
  • Ireland: 80% of the Irish population considers breeding and killing animals just for fur unacceptable (Red C, 2018)
  • Italy: 91% of Italians are against the activities linked to the production of fur using animals (EURISPES “Italy Report”, 2015)
  • Latvia: 64% of the Latvian population does not support raising and killing animals for fur (SolidData/Dzīvnieku brīvība, 2015)
  • Lithuania: 67% of the Lithuanian citizens considers the raising and killing of animals for fur unacceptable (Vilmorus, Tušti narvai, 2016)
  • The Netherlands: 84% considers fur farming unacceptable (Motivaction/Bont voor Dieren, 2015)
  • Norway: 68% of people said fur farming was wrong (Infact/Dyrevernalliansen 2014)
  • Poland: 66% thinks the breeding of foxes, raccoon dogs and minks for fur should not be allowed. In the age group 18-35, 70% supports a ban. (Instytut Badań Rynkowych i Społecznych (IBRiS) Homo Homini/Otwarte Klatki, 2015)
  • Slovakia: 69% of the Slovakian population considers breeding and killing animals just for fur unacceptable (2018)
  • Sweden: 78% do not think it should be allowed to breed mink in cages for fur (Demoskop/Djurens Rätt, 2015)
  • Switzerland: 85% of Swiss consider that killing animals for fur products is wrong (Integral/Four Paws 2018)
  • UK: 74% think that using animals for the production of fur for the fashion industry is wrong (YouGov, Four Paws Uk, 2014)