Czech ban on fur farming approved by senate
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Czech ban on fur farming approved by senate

22 JULY 2017, PRAGUE – Thursday the Czech Senate voted with an overwhelming majority for a law that prohibits fur farming. The vote is a historic victory for animal rights and will spare thousands of animals from a miserable life in a cramped battery cage on a fur farm.

Over 80 percent of Czechs support the ban on fur farming as opinion polls suggest. The law to prohibit fur farms will take effect in January 2019. According to the bill the owners of fur farms will be able to claim compensation from the state.

With 39 votes in favor – and only 3 against – the senate supported the bill with an immense majority. Lucie Moravcová from Svoboda zvířat says:

“This law will save 20,000 innocent animals per year from cruel deaths and very poor living conditions on fur farms. We think that this industry does not belong in civilized society and we are very grateful to our legislators that they understood what was at stake and supported this bill. We consider this a historic success in animal protection in the Czech Republic and we are very happy that our country will join other European states which have already banned this cruel practice.”

Czech bans fur farming

The Czech Republic has joined 12 European countries that have already passed bans or have implemented stricter regulations that results in the phasing out of fur farming.

Czech ban on fur farming approved by senate