Fur industry in Bulgaria loses court case against mink ban

SOFIA, 1 JULY 2024 – The Administrative Court of Sofia City has issued a decision on the case regarding the ban on the import and breeding of American mink in Bulgaria. The court accepted as groundless the appeal of the only operating mink fur farm in Bulgaria. The legal process was started in 2022, a few

Fur Free Alliance visits Finland, appeals to the parliament to ban fur farming

HELSINKI, 30 November 2023 – The debate related to Finnish fur farming, the avian flu epidemic in fur farms and several legal initiatives to ban fur farming made Finland an interesting destination for the visit of the international animal protection network Fur Free Alliance. During the visit, the Finnish member organizations Animalia and Oikeutta eläimille

Global mink fur production halved in two years

Research shows that the global number of mink bred and killed for fur has halved over the past two years. New figures show a steep drop from 33 million produced globally in 2020 to 17 million mink pelts in 2022.  Recent industry data highlights a consistent downward trend globally, including in Europe, North America and

Bill to ban fur farming in Lithuania passed second reading

VILNIUS, 6 JUNE 2023 – Today, a prohibition on the breeding and killing of animals for fur in Lithuania passed its second reading at the Seima (Lithuanian Parliament). Animal advocates worldwide applaud Lithuania for taking steps to become the 20th European country to ban fur production. The draft legislation, which is scheduled for its final


VILNIUS, 30 MAY 2023 – Lithuanian animal protection organisation, and member of the Fur Free Alliance, Tušti Narvai today publishes shocking footage that reveals the cruel reality for animals killed for their fur. The new undercover investigation into fur farms in Lithuania reveals animals punched, thrown, and suffocated in gas chambers, and for the first

Romanian parliamentarians and NGOs call for a fur-free Romania at round table event

BUCHAREST, 13 MAY 2012 – Romanian politicians and animal protection organizations from across Europe joined forces to call for a ban on fur farming in Romania, during a round table event in the Romanian parliament. The Romanian office of Humane Society International organized the event, which well-known TV presenter Simona Gherghe moderated. Participants at the