Italian leading clothing brand OVS goes fur-free
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Italian leading clothing brand OVS goes fur-free

ITALY, 29 NOVEMBER 2016 – OVS, Italian’s leading clothing brand with over 800 stores in Italy and worldwide, will no longer use animal fur. The popular brand came out this week with a public statement to drop fur from its future collections. OVS worked together with LAV (Italian Animal Rights group) and is now part of the international Fur Free Retailer Program.

LAV: ‘This decision taken by the historic clothing brand will help to save millions of animals.’

OVS, that has already abandoned the use of animal fur in its collections, has signed the fur-free statement in collaboration with LAV and the Fur Free Alliance to reflect their ambition to protect and respect animals and the environment.

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The animal friendly policy of OVS covers all of the products within the company’s brands; OVS, OVS kids, UPIM and Blukids. OVS is now committed to the Fur Free Retailer international standards (specifically committing to replace animal furs) and to Animal Free Fashion (the first fashion rating, developed by LAV attaches value to Social Responsibility policies on materials of animal origin that a company agrees not to use: V no fur; VV no fur or feathers; VVV no fur, feathers, leather or silk; VVV+ no fur, feathers, leather, silk or wool). Simone Pavesi, the LAV Animal Free Fashion Division Manager, says:

 ‘The decision taken by OVS Ltd to stop using animal fur, is a choice that is in line with the Sustainable Development policies that every fashion company should assume –  And having made a public announcement, this decision must be taken as a commitment to society about the company’s environmental impact. This announcement from OVS Ltd will contribute significantly to the lives of millions of animals: another important reason to choose their products’

LAV and the Fur Free Alliance are glad with the public statement of OVS against the exploitation of animals for their fur, an opinion shared by the majority of Italians, which is confirmed every year by Eurispes (Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies).

Italian leading clothing brand OVS goes fur-free