Over a thousand took the street to call for a Fur Free Finland

HELSINKI, 22 MAY 2015 – Over a thousand people came out to show their support for a Fur Farm Free Finland in an international demonstration in Helsinki on thursday the 21st of May. An international petition with 200 000 signatures from more than 100 countries was handed over to the new Finnish parliament calling for an end to

Apparel brand settles contempt suit over raccoon dog fur violations

caged raccoon dogs

WASHINGTON, 7 MAY 2015 – Apparel brand Andrew Marc has settled a civil contempt suit with Fur Free Alliance member organization The Humane Society of the United States after an investigation revealed raccoon dog fur violations. The investigation uncovered that the brand continued to sell raccoon dog fur despite a court order prohibiting it after March

Swedish fur farms found in violation

SWEDEN, 9 MAY 2015 – Swedish Fur Free Alliance member organization Djurens Rätt reports that the County Administrative Board’s in Sweden has withdrawn the license of a mink farm due to violations of animal welfare regulations. The size of the cages on the farm were found to be too small and the number of minks

Decreasing number of fur farms in Norway

Fox farming

During last fifteen years three out of four Norwegian fur farms have closed down. In 2014 only 262 fur farms were left in Norway compared to  1277  farms in 1996.   The numbers, that are published by Norwegian Fur Free Alliance member organization Dyrevernalliansen, show that the fur industry is highly sensitive to conjuncture and does not provide a

Global animal welfare organisations call upon the Czech Republic to ban fur

PRAGUE/BRUSSELS, 31 MARCH 2015 – The Czech Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka, received an open letter today from the international coalitions Eurogroup for Animals and Fur Free Alliance, which bring together 72 animal welfare organisations from all over the world. The associations call upon the minister to adopt a ban on the breeding of animals for

Violations found at more than half of the Swedish mink farms in 2014

SWEDEN, 19 JANUARY 2015 – Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights Sweden) has mapped the County Administrative Boards’ inspections of mink farms in Sweden during 2014. At just over 6 out of 10 inspected farms shortcomings in animal husbandry were noted despite the fact that nearly half of the inspected farms were notified in advance about the inspection.