Fur farming ban proposed in Czech Republic

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PRAGUE, 3 MARCH 2016 – A group of more than 20 MPs in the Czech Republic from six political groups, including well-known politicians from across the political spectrum, are supporting a new bill that would completely ban fur farms. The chairman of the Czech Committee on the Environment, Robin Böhnisch, said: “Breed and kill animals primarily

Majority of Czechs in favor of fur farming ban

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CZECH REPUBLIC, 23 JANUARY 2016 –  A recent poll showed that the majority of the population in the Czech Republic is in support of a ban on fur farming. The poll was conducted by the Czech Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM). Naděžda Čadová, CVVM analyst, says: “The Czech Republic public is convinced that fur farming should be banned. In the current research, which

Global animal welfare organisations call upon the Czech Republic to ban fur

PRAGUE/BRUSSELS, 31 MARCH 2015 – The Czech Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka, received an open letter today from the international coalitions Eurogroup for Animals and Fur Free Alliance, which bring together 72 animal welfare organisations from all over the world. The associations call upon the minister to adopt a ban on the breeding of animals for

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