Fur farming ban proposed in Czech Republic
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Fur farming ban proposed in Czech Republic

PRAGUE, 3 MARCH 2016A group of more than 20 MPs in the Czech Republic from six political groups, including well-known politicians from across the political spectrum, are supporting a new bill that would completely ban fur farms.

The chairman of the Czech Committee on the Environment, Robin Böhnisch, said:

“Breed and kill animals primarily for fur is in the 21st century hardly acceptable and conditions on farms are not at ethology farmed species. Species like mink and fox can not be successfully domesticated. Therefore I welcome that the Chamber of Deputies has formed powerful coalitions across the political spectrum to support this proposal.”

The Chairman of political party TOP 09, Jiří Koubek, added:

“An advanced society should be able to mature attitude to animals. Let animals suffer in wire cages just to have them subsequently to decorate wardrobe, me too does not seem mature. Therefore, I will be glad when the Czech Republic will be among the many European countries that have this kind of business can not tolerate.”

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Source: Joanne McArthur/ We Animals

The proposed law would ban the breeding of animals solely or primarily for their fur. Existing farms would be phased out by the end of 2018 and the Ministry of Agriculture would also provide one-time payments from the state to fur farmers as a form of compensation.

The Czech Republic currently has nine registered fur farms. These farms have repeatedly been criticized both by NGOs and experts on animal welfare. Animals on fur farms are kept in small cages and killed by cruel methods that preserve the pelts – such as gassing and anal electrocution. On top of that, fur production is a heavy chemical process associated with high environmental costs and consumers’ health risks.

The suffering of mink and fox held in fur factory farms has been scientifically and comprehensively exposed in the report ‘A Case Against Factory Fur Farming’ by Fur Free Alliance member Respect for Animals, which was unveiled at the European Parliament late last year.

In November, an opinion poll found that 70% of Czech respondents opposed the use of animals for their fur. Similar fur farming bans have been adopted in the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.


Fur farming ban proposed in Czech Republic