‘Fur is outdated’ poster campaign in Vilnius
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‘Fur is outdated’ poster campaign in Vilnius

VILNIUS, 24 NOVEMBER 2016 – This month it was hard to ignore a striking, creative anti-fur poster campaign on the streets of Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The poster campaign – an initiative of Fur Free Alliance member organization Tusti Narvai (Open Cages) – ran for 3 weeks and was spread throughout the city center. Lithuania has a relatively large fur industry – of 2 million animals killed for fur each year – even though a majority of 67% of the Lithuanian population is against fur farming.

Tusti Narvai conducted a new opinion poll on fur farming during the last week of the poster campaign that showed a 9% increase of the number of citizens that do not support fur farming. Compared to 58% in May this year, now a majority of 67% expressed their opinion that breeding and killing wild animals for fur is unacceptable.

Poster campaign Fur is Outdated


'Fur is outdated' poster campaign in Vilnius