Exhibition in Sofia exposes negative impact of fur farming
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Exhibition in Sofia exposes negative impact of fur farming

SOFIA, 22 MARCH 2019 – Yesterday, the opening of the exhibition ‘The impact of fur farming’ took place at the National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in Sofia. The exhibition, organised by animal rights organization CAAI, exposes the facts about how real fur is produced and why a national ban on fur farming is needed in Bulgaria.

The 7-day exhibition aims to build awareness and inform decision makers on the adverse effects of fur farming on animal welfare and the environment. The event follows a successful National Citizens’ Initiative campaign that showed the wide public support among Bulgarian citizens to close down the polluting and cruel industry of fur farming.

In June 2018, exactly 51 234 signatures were submitted to the Bulgarian parliament by the National Citizens’ Initiative, which seeks to bring about a ban on fur farming on the country’s territory. Along with the signatures, a proposal for an amendment to the current legislation was submitted, with the aim to ‘prohitibit the raising, killing and trade of animals for fur production in the Republic of Bulgaria’.

Mark Glover, board member of Fur Free Alliance and campaign director of Respect for Animals, spoke at yesterday’s well-attended opening:

“We very much hope that the Bulgarian government responds to the overwhelming evidence that fur farming is cruel as well as the voice of the people of Bulgaria who are opposed to fur farming. This outdated and cruel practice has no place in a modern progressive country. The National Citizens’ Initiative and CAAI have done an amazing job in getting this issue raised in Bulgaria. The exhibition is fantastic and deserves to be seen by as many people- including politicians- as possible.”

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Exhibition in Sofia exposes negative impact of fur farming