Japan makes an end to fur farming

Japanese mink farm (2014)

JAPAN, 29 NOVEMBER 2016 – Mink fur farming in Japan has come to a definite end now that the country’s last remaining fur farm in Niigata has closed its doors. In recent years the Otsuka mink farm was repeatedly reported by Animal Rights Center Japan for operating without a license and violating the Japanese Invasive

Fur Free Week in 12 Japanese cities

Fur Free Week Japan

JAPAN, 18 OCTOBER 2014 – Between 18 and 26 October nationwide anti-fur demonstrations will take place in twelve Japanese cities. The fur trade in Japan has significantly decreased from 220.000 kilograms of fur products being sold in 2006, to 50.000 kilograms in 2013. According to Animals Rights Center Japan this shows that their campaigns are