New trapping investigation reveals cruel, illegal trapping
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New trapping investigation reveals cruel, illegal trapping

USA, 26 SEPTEMBER 2016 – The ruthlessness of trapping in the United States is once again confirmed by a new undercover trapping investigation released early this month. The investigation “Victims of Vanity II” was led by Fur Free Alliance member Born Free USA and shows the extreme pain and suffering caused by the trapping of animals for unnecessary luxury products as fur. While more than 80 countries have already banned leghold traps, the United States continues to allow the use of these cruel devices.

(Warning: graphic footage)

The investigation highlights include:

Trapping on protected lands: The investigator of Born Free USA followed a trapper in Adirondack Park in upstate New York as he caught beavers and set traps for other furbearing animals. One beaver, caught in a Conibear trap, had the jaws slam on his abdomen, leading to a cruel drowning death.

Illegal trapping: The trapper broke several state trapping regulations in Adirondack Park, including damaging beaver dams and placing large Conibear traps on land.

Cruelty: The investigator followed a second trapper in Iowa. Here, two coyotes in leghold traps had fully exhausted themselves in their desperate attempts to escape. The trapper kicked one victim, laughed at the other, then shot both coyotes in the lungs to preserve their pelts for sale.

These animals were forced to suffer and die just to supply the fur industry. Nothing is worth this torture – especially not ‘luxury’ items. Don’t buy fur, and don’t shop at stores that sell fur! Instead, support the more than 400 retailers that have joined the Fur Free Retailer Program.

Read the full Victims of Vanity II report.

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New trapping investigation reveals cruel, illegal trapping