Malta introduces ban on fur farming
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Malta introduces ban on fur farming

MALTA, 9 AUGUST 2022 – Last week the Maltese Ministry of Agriculture announced a ban on the production of fur and foie gras with immediate effect. With the new amendment, Malta has now joined a growing list of more than a dozen EU countries that have prohibited fur farming. 

Since Malta currently has no operating fur farms, the ban is meant as a precautionary measure to prevent fur farmers from moving into Malta from other countries.

The Ministry for Agriculture noted that:

Though such practices are not the norm in Malta, it is still crucial to prohibit them to ensure the protection of these animals.

Whilst this is a positive step forward in shutting the doors for fur farmers in Malta, there is still a huge amount of work to be done. Farms all over Europe continue to farm mink in atrocious conditions. As concerns about the welfare of animals on fur farms continue to grow, a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) was launched this spring to call for a fur-free Europe.

It’s time to make fur history in Europe. You can help make this possible by urging the EU to ban both fur farming and the placement of farmed fur products on the European market.

Use your voice to end the suffering of animals on European fur farms – sign the ‘Fur Free Europe’ European Citizen’s Initiative.



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Malta introduces ban on fur farming