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Investigation reveals toxic fur

ITALY, 15 DECEMBER 2015 – Various toxic substances are detected in fur trims of children fashion wear by leading Italian animal rights organization LAV. LAV detected hazardous substances and possible carcinogenic agents in the fur trims that were researched in their second investigation on toxic fur. LAV, launches the TOXIC FUR 2 campaign to pay attention to the possible health threats caused by wearing fur trimmed jackets.


Hexavalent chrome and formaldehyde were found in fur trims of children’s wear,  for babies aged less than 36 months and produced by the most renowned griffes: D&G, Blumarine Baby and Woolrich. LAV calls on the Italian ministry of health to have the investigated items withdrawn from the market and to ban fur from children’s wear.

-The processing of fur implies the use of chemicals classified as toxic and carcinogenic, and such substances, inevitably, may remain as residues even in the finished product placed on the market, that are worn by adults and children, with varying degrees of health hazard. Consumers can limit exposure to these hazardous substances by avoiding to wear and buy products containing even small parts in animal fur, says Simone Pavesi, head of LAV Fur-Free Campaign.

All the new samples of fur that were analysed in the investigation are intended for use by children aged less than 36 months.

The companies investigated in “Toxic Fur 2” are:

  • D&G (coat for children aged 36 months with rabbit fur trim)
  • BLUMARINE BABY (jacket for children aged 36 months with rabbit fur trim)
  • WOOLRICH (parka for children aged 24 months with raccoon dog fur trim)

Test reports show that the coat by D&G (for girls aged 36 months) is contaminated by the well-known CHROME VI (hexavalent), as well as by a large amount of CHROME III (trivalent), which may cause irritation; the jacket by BLUMARINE BABY (for girls aged 36 months) presents high values of CHROME III (trivalent), transferable by means of the sweat, and of FORMALDEHYDE; the jacket by WOOLRICH (baby aged 24 months) as well, reveals high levels of CHROME III (trivalent) and FORMALDEHYDE and it is also contaminated by high levels of NONYLPHENOL ETHOXYLATE. Other chemicals, such as some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, were also detected.

The investigated garments were bought by LAV in October and November 2014, at the traditional distribution channels (stores and e-commerce). The components made by animal fur, present as edges of the above-mentioned items, were analysed by means of eco-toxicological tests, with the purpose of detecting the possible presence of residual chemicals, used in the stages of fur tanning and finishing.

LAV urges the Italian Ministry of Health to:

  • make an assessment of the hazards to the health of consumers (in this case children aged less than 36 months), with regard to the use of the tested products;
  • temporarily ban the sales of the tested products, as a precautionary measure, and promote specific investigations on other items still available for sale, according to the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005);
  • ban the use of animal fur, at least in products intended for children.

Investigation reveals toxic fur