Max Mara Fur-Free

Let’s show Max Mara that there’s no excuse for fur cruelty!

Max Mara is one of the last international fashion brands without a fur-free policy even though most of its competitors – including Gucci, Prada, Armani, Valentino, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana – have already gone fur-free.

Thanks to people like you that are speaking up for animals, these brands understood that consumers want nothing to do with a product that is cruel to animals, bad for the environment, a risk for public health and completely unnecessary since quality alternatives are available.

Take action for animals and urge Max Mara to go fur-free!

You can prevent Max Mara from continuing fur cruelty by raising your voice today. Send the suggested text below or use your own words, and kindly ask Max Mara to drop fur for good. Keep it friendly and respectful!

Clicking ‘sign now’ will email your letter to the Executive Staff and Board of Directors at Max Mara.

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