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Fur Free Alliance

The Fur Free Alliance is an international coalition of 40 animal protection organizations working together to end the exploitation and killing of animals for fur. The Fur Free Alliance represents millions of supporters worldwide.

In particular, the Fur Free Alliance (FFA) focuses on the deprivation and cruelty suffered by fur bearing animals both in wild trapping and industrial fur farming. To achieve her aims the FFA seeks to:

– inform the public about the substantial animal suffering caused by the fur industry

– advance legislative actions and in-depth investigations as needed

– target consumers and the fashion industry to encourage readily available alternatives

– work nationally and internationally through joint or individual campaigns

  • joh vinding Joh Vinding, Anima (Denmark)

    "The more consumers learn about the atrocities animals go through on fur farms or when caught in traps, the more interested companies become in going fur free. I’m convinced many more fashion giants will join our program in the years to come - it’s simply good business to do so."

  • NicolevanGemert Nicole van Gemert, Fur for Animals (The Netherlands)

    "Nobody is in need of fur to stay warm nowadays. Fur is a unnecessary luxury product for which animals are leading miserable lives and are killed in a very cruel way."

  • nicki Nicki Brooks, Respect for Animals (UK)

    "Fur farming is not like any other form of agriculture. Mink and fox are inherently unsuited to intensive farming conditions. They are still essentially wild animals and to keep them in this way is extremely cruel."

  • Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman, on the use of the Origin Assured label

    "As also shown in the name of the label scheme, it concerns the origin - and not that standards and regulations are actually met."

  • Norwegian Veterinary Association (DNV),

    "The animal welfare in fur farming has shown little improvement over the last 15 years, despite the use of disproportionally large official resources both on research and inspection."

  • Sanna Hellström, former chairperson of Finnish Veterinary Association

    "At a zoo a fox is required to have an enclosure of 600 square meters with the opportunity to dig, and minks must have the opportunity to swim. In farming the space requirements for the same animals are a few square meters."

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