Two fox cubs, five paws
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Two fox cubs, five paws

POLAND, 21 AUGUST 2015 – Last week, inspectors from the Polish Fur Free Alliance member organisation Otwarte Klatki intervened at a fox farm in Kiełczewo, Kościan commune in western Poland to rescue two fox cubs. Inspectors came across the wounded animals in the course of inspection carried out on the farm with the consent of the owner in the end of July.

fox cubs rescuedThe inspection revealed that one of the cubs lacked one rear paw, while the other only had two front paws. The animals had difficulties moving around the cage. Having carefully examined the material available, the representatives of the organisation decided to intervene and take the animals away in order to provide them with immediate medical attention.

Medical examination by a veterinary doctor confirmed that the female cub was missing both limbs. It additionally revealed an inflammatory condition of the stamp, bone tissue being excessively grown due to inappropriate healing of the wound, as well as purulent fistfoxcub2ula, mycosis and mite infestation. The male was diagnosed, inter alia, with a cough, a fever of over 40 degrees and heart murmur. The foxes, which up until now had not been treated, are under vet’s observation. Both animals, who are not yet 3 months old, might require amputation. Barbara Karbowiak, inspector of Stowarzyszenie Otwarte Klatki:

We could not have decided otherwise than to immediately take the cubs away. We did the right thing. To leave the cubs on the farm MIGHT have brought a tragic end to their lives, therefore it was never considered as an option. Both animals have inflammatory conditions of their bones which, if left untreated, might have resulted in further infections and enormous suffering. They are both only 2.5 months old and yet they already experienced so much injustice. They did not choose this life for themselves”

According to the ownerfoxcub3, the cubs lost their paws because of their mother. However, the farmer failed to provide the animals with treatment and to improve their living conditions.

Acting in accordance with the Animal Protection Act, the inspectors reported the foxes having been taken away to the administrator of Kościan commune. Now, it is for him to decide upon the fate of the rescued animals. The foxes were taken with no knowledge, consent or presence of the owner. According to the Animal Protection Law it is permissible action if the life or health of animal is in danger. Paweł Rawicki, the Vice-president of Otwarte Klatki:

The condition of the foxes illustrates the farmers’ attitude towards animals. As long as fur can somehow be obtained, their health is of no significance.”

Representatives of Otwarte Klatki claim that animal health issues are a commonplace occurrence on fur farms. They believe that legal provisions as applicable today fail to ensure suitable conditions for animals to live in, as guaranteeing animal welfare is impossible to be reconciled with profitability of fur farming business. The organisation calls for a ban on fur farming to be introduced in Poland. To support their postulates, the organisation refers to films recorded on farms as well as reports published in 2012–2013, entitled THE PRICE OF FUR and PREDATORY BUSINESS.

Two fox cubs, five paws