Swedish government urged to phase out fur farming
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Swedish government urged to phase out fur farming

STOCKHOLM, 22 SEPTEMBER 2015 – In a letter to the Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs the Fur Free Alliance and Eurogroup for Animals urge the Minister to listen to the Swedish citizens and phase out mink farming.

The letter that was sent to Minister Sven Erik-Bucht of Rural Affairs can be read here.


Photo: Joanne McArthur/We Animals


A majority of Swedes do not think it should be allowed to breed minks in cages for their fur, according to a recent poll conducted by the survey company Demoskop on behalf of the Swedish Fur Free Alliance member organization Djurens Rätt.

The opposition to fur farming was found among supporters of all parties in the Swedish parliament. 8 of 10 Swedes do not think that fur farming should be allowed. Joh Vinding, Chair of the Fur Free alliance:

 “The fact that a majority of the supporters to all the political parties in the Swedish Parliament would like to see fur farming phased out is a strong message to the Swedish Government. Sweden has previously taken important steps that have led to the closing down of the fox farms and of the chinchilla farms. I hope that Sweden will continue taking the lead on animal welfare by phasing out the battery cages for minks.”

A number of countries have phased out fur farming, including Britain, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In an additional number of countries there are discussions of phasing out, and public opinion against fur farming is strong in the rest of Europe. Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals:

 ”The mink is an active carnivore whose species specific needs cannot be met in the battery wire mesh cages on fur farms. A decision to phase out fur farming would be in line with scientific research, EU legislation and formal recommendations, as well as with the views of the Swedish citizens“

The Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of animal protection organizations worldwide, and Eurogroup for Animals, the leading animal welfare organization at EU level,represent 72 animal welfare organisations from all over the world. The Swedish animal rights organization Djurens Rätt is a member of Eurogroup for Animals and the Fur Free Alliance.

Photo: Joanne McArthur/ Djurattsalliansen

Swedish government urged to phase out fur farming