Sao Paulo state bans fur farming
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Sao Paulo state bans fur farming

SAO PAOLO, 4 NOVEMBER 2014 – Chinchillas, mink and other fur animals can no longer be raised for their pelts under a new measure in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. According to the state government, Brazil is one of the biggest chinchilla producers in the world, after Argentina.

chinchillaAnimals bred for the fashion industry are highly stressed, mistreated and “kept in cages that are so small they cannot even move properly,” the law says. “All this cruelty makes fashion that uses animal fur immoral and unjustifiable.”

The law aims to protect animals whose fur is used for coats and other fashion accessories, including rabbits, foxes, mink, badgers, seals, coyotes, squirrels and chinchillas.

Those violating the law will face fines. “The law is going to be approved. For us, it’s over,” chinchilla growers’ association chief Carlos Peres said.

Congressman Feliciano Filho shared the success last week on his Facebook page: “Since 2011, I have worked hard to make this dream come true. It will save the lives of thousands of animals living in very small cubicles, barely able to move, only to be cruelly killed to satisfy human vanity. This is unacceptable. We suffer knowing how much they suffer.”

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Sao Paulo state bans fur farming