Europe’s largest anti-fur event opened by mayor of Oslo
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Europe’s largest anti-fur event opened by mayor of Oslo

OSLO, 14 NOVEMBER 2015 – Today NOAH – for animal rights, Norway’s largest animal rights organization and Fur Free Alliance member, is hosting NOAH´s march against fur – an event that gathers thousands of people every year. The march has been an annual event for twelve years, and has become Europe’s largest anti-fur event.

Every year thousands of people march in the streets of Oslo, as well as in other Norwegian cities, demanding a ban of fur farming in Norway. This year 13 000 are expected to come in 24 Norwegian cities. Siri Martinsen, veterinarian and director of NOAH, says:

‘In our demand for a fur-free Norway, we have gained support from the majority of the Norwegian population, the Norwegian fashion industry, several professional bodies such as the Norwegian Veterinary Association, five political parties and 200 celebrities. It is starting to become a serious democratic problem that a ban on fur farming is still not in place.’

NOAH 1Despite the delays, many Norwegian politicians are strongly against fur – some of them are speaking at the event, and the speeches are started by the mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen. Martinsen:

‘NOAH is very happy to have the mayor of the capital speak for the animals at our event. It is significant that high ranking politicians speak up for animals’

Martinsen and NOAH recently visited the EU-parliament together with colleagues from Finland to launch a report about the Nordic fur industry. The report “Nordic fur trade – marketed as responsible business” highlights that the claim of high ethical standards made by the Nordic fur trade are in stark contrast to the reality in fur farms and criticised by animal welfare experts. Martinsen:

‘The Nordic countries, in particular, have been branding their fur industry as being ethical in terms of animal welfare. Especially the Nordic company Saga Furs is using strategies as “ethical branding”. The new report about the Nordic fur trade reveals the conditions, and points out that, at home, fur farming is perceived quite differently from the image created by Saga. The fact that thousands of Norwegians participate in NOAH´s march against fur farming every year – and that this has become Europe´s biggest event for animals – illustrates this.

It is a paradox that Europe’s largest anti-fur event is held in Norway, where the politicians have been delaying a thorough debate about ending this industry for a much longer time than in many other European countries. Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy are among the countries that have banned parts of or their entire fur industry.’

Europe's largest anti-fur event opened by mayor of Oslo