Make Fur History – A landmark exhibition at the European Parliament
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Make Fur History – A landmark exhibition at the European Parliament

Brussels, 23 January 2018 – At a major exhibition in the European Parliament, which will be held from 23 to 25 January, the Fur Free Alliance and Eurogroup for Animals will expose the facts about how real fur is produced, and why more national bans on fur factory farming are needed in the EU.

This is a timely exhibition. It follows hot on the heels of major fashion houses, such as Gucci and Michael Kors, announcing fur free policies and Norway’s recent announcement that it will phase-out fur farming by 2025. The tide is turning against fur farming in Europe, as concerns about animal welfare, the impacts on biodiversity and the environment, and the ethics of fur continues to grow.

During the exhibition entitled ‘Make Fur History’, MEPs will be called on to support fur farming bans in EU Member States where fur production is still permitted, and to sign a Fur Free Pledge. Various countries in Europe have already introduced fur farming bans (the United Kingdom, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and the Republic of Macedonia) and/or are presently phasing-out fur farming (the Netherlands, Czechia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Norway). There are still significant animal welfare problems and ethical concerns associated with fur farming, so further action is still needed.

The three day exhibition confronts visitors with a series of striking photographs and allows them to immerse themselves into the shocking reality of the fur farming industry through a virtual reality experience.

Mark Glover, Vice-chairman of the Fur Free Alliance says:

‘‘Opinion polls from a number of European countries have consistently demonstrated that the majority of citizens consider breeding animals for fur unacceptable. This exhibition allows us to reveal the reality on European fur farms, to present the facts about the animals bred and killed for their fur and to show why the fur industry belongs in the past. Although fur farming bans are becoming increasingly widespread, further action is needed.’’

The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 23 January followed by a roundtable discussion with MEPs, decision makers and civil society. One of Europe’s largest fur farming countries, Poland will be well represented throughout the event, where the anti-fur movement has increasingly been attracting a lot of attention.

Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals adds:

‘We want to build awareness among EU decision makers of the need for national bans, as well as the adverse effects of fur farming on animal welfare and the environment. We urge MEPs to sign the Fur Free Pledge, and aim for better enforcement of the Council Directive on the protection of animals kept for farming purposes (98/58/EC) and the Council of Europe Recommendation Concerning Fur Animals. We believe that this legislation and set of recommendations, if adopted, would bring an end to this cruel industry.’’

Watch the roundtable here:

With consumers and retailers turning their backs on the cruel and unnecessary fur trade, this exhibition will be a valuable opportunity for European decision makers to keep pace with one of Europe’s fastest growing movements and make a positive change for animals.

Make Fur History – A landmark exhibition at the European Parliament