Luxembourg 10th European country to ban fur farming
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Luxembourg 10th European country to ban fur farming

LUXEMBOURG, 15 JUNE 2018 – This week, Luxembourg became the 10th European country to ban fur farming. A new progressive animal welfare law, that was proposed in 2016 by Minister of Agriculture Fernand Etgen, was passed that includes a prohibition on fur farming.

The animal welfare act will go into effect in October 2018. Since Luxembourg currently has no fur farming industry, the law will mainly prevent new mink farms to be built. All information about the new law can be found on the internet portal:

The new welfare act is based upon the assumption that animals are “living non-human sentient beings with a nervous system scientifically capable of feeling pain and experiencing other emotions” including “suffering and anguish”.

In May 2016 the Minister of Agriculture of Luxembourg, Fernand Etgen, presented the new law designed ‘to ensure the dignity, the protection of life, safety and welfare of animals. Etgen said:

“Animal welfare legislation requires profound reform because of what scientific advances had revealed about animals, and because of changes in how animals are viewed by human society.”

mink farm

Source: Joanne McArthur/ We Animals

The Luxembourg Government Council, states:

“Animals are no longer considered as a thing, but as gifted non-human living beings with sensitivity and holders of certain rights.”

Luxembourg is the 10th European country that has decided the t outlaw the cruel practice of fur farming. Read more about fur bans.


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Luxembourg 10th European country to ban fur farming