Fur Free Alliance urges Flanders to ban fur farming
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Fur Free Alliance urges Flanders to ban fur farming

In a letter to the Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare Ben Weyts the Fur Free Alliance urges the Minister to represent the opinion of the Belgian citizens and ban fur farming.

A ban on fur farming is widely supported by the Belgian population. A large majority of 86 percent of the Belgian citizens considers that the breeding of animals for fur should not be allowed, regardless the circumstances.

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Fur coats or fashion accessories are non-essential luxury items. An increasing majority of the population finds it unjustifiable to subject animals to prolonged suffering for trivial ends, such as fashion items. The ethical concerns of a large majority of the European citizens and the inherent cruelty of fur farming have led more and more countries to close down fur farms in recent years. In 2000 the UK was the first country in Europe to ban fur farming on the ground of ‘public morality’. Other European countries that decided to ban fur farming since are Austria, The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia. Joh Vinding, Chair for the Fur Free Alliance, says:

“Belgium is among the European countries with the highest support for a fur farming ban. The recent fur farming bans in the region of Walloon and in Brussels show that Belgium is taking steps that reflect the public morality of its citizens. I hope that Flanders will follow this example in taking the lead on animal welfare by deciding for an immediate ban on fur farming.”

Read the full letter to Minister Ben Weyts HERE.

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Fur Free Alliance urges Flanders to ban fur farming