Fur ban at Charles Vögele
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Fur ban at Charles Vögele

BASEL, 16 FEBUARY 2015 – A traditional Swiss business is now free of fur: the Charles Vögele Group has undertaken to forego the sale of real fur within the framework of the “Fur Free Retailer” programme. This fashion business has therefore now clearly positioned itself in opposition to fur products involving animal abuse. Swiss Animal Protection SAP welcomes this definitive step in the battle against fashion based on real fur.

11054505583_575456a6faIn an era when fur is in fashion, when the fur industry reports record revenues and when more than 100 million fur-bearing animals world-wide are dying every year to serve the fashion industry, the Charles Vögele Group is now pointing the way forward for animal protection. No real fur has been offered for sale at this Swiss fashion company for several years, which was first founded in 1955 and now operates in eight different countries. The Pfäffikon-based fashion group has joined the international “Fur Free Retailer” programme, whose participants promise that they will not offer textiles for sale at a total of about 770 retail outlets in Switzerland and around the world. Swiss Animal Protection SAP is convinced that this decision by the Charles Vögele Group will increase the pressure on those obdurate companies who are still reluctant to give up their sale of fur.

Fur free together
For many years now, Swiss Animal Protection SAP has acted as the representative of the international “Fur Free Retailer” programme in Switzerland to offer the “fur free label” as a dependable guide to consumers who buy animal-friendly products and want to avoid real fur. SAP’s “No animal fur sold here” label singles out those shops and clothing brands whose collections completely forego the processing and sale of real fur. The Charles Vögele Group is in very good company: other leading fashion businesses such as H&M, Esprit, American Apparel, Blue Dog, Schild and Chicoree also belong to the “Fur Free Retailer” programme. *

* The full list of suppliers who operate in Switzerland and are members of the “Fur Free Retailer” programme can be found here.

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“No animal fur sold here” logo and photographic material relating to fur production can be downloaded here.

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Fur ban at Charles Vögele