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Be a voice for animals in the EU

The EU is updating its animal welfare policies and they want to hear from you. This is a historical opportunity to speak out against fur cruelty and prevent more animal suffering on fur farms in the EU.

By participating in the public consultation we have a chance to tell the Commission we want the strongest possible rules for farmed animals in the EU. However, we need to strongly advocate against welfare standards for animals in the fur industry, as creating minimum standards for animals bred for fur would give legitimacy to the fur industry.

The truth is, the push to increase animal welfare has led many European countries to outright ban fur farming in recent years. There is simply not a single fur farm in the world with rules or standards strong enough to make it an ethical practice: severe, tragic animal welfare abuses have been scientifically proven to be the standard on fur farms in Europe.

There should be no place for fur farming in an EU that cares about animals. Speak out against fur farming today – click here

To protect fur-bearing animals please complete the questionnaire with these suggested responses:

8. Should specific requirements for extra animal species be introduced?


If YES, for which species/categories of animals?

Do NOT select mink, raccoon dogs and foxes.

This is likely to one of the most important opportunities to influence animal welfare legislation in the EU to date. To make it easier for you to participate in the questionnaire we recommend watching the video below – or use this tutorial video for more instructions.

Before filling out the Commission’s questionnaire, you will need to register on the EC website. An email with an activation link for your registration will then be sent to the email address you provide.

For more information on the public consultation and the issues addressed in the questionnaire, please visit the web pages from Humane Society International, Four Paws and Anima International.

Deadline: The public consultation will run until 21st January 2022. Make your voice be heard!