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Fur Free China

ACTAsia is running the Fur Free China campaign for the fourth consecutive year. With help from a growing number of organisations, celebrities and public support we are able to spread the anti-fur message even wider than before. But the battle is not over. This years’ focus is on the plight of dogs and cats suffering in the Chinese fur industry.

It is estimated that around two million dogs and cats are being slaughtered in China for their fur, every year. This is a ‘cheap source’ of fur because the animals are usually strays, stolen pets or used for food. Subsequently, the fur is exported under false labelling to Western countries (where there is a ban on dog and cat fur), or used in the Chinese domestic market. The public in China is not very much aware of the use of pets for the production of fur. Fur producers don’t know the controversy their sales could cause.

After a successful launch of the first-ever Fur Free Fashion Show in China in 2014 as part of ACTAsia’s nationwide Fur Free China campaign, the 2015 edition reached an even wider audience with a growing attendance of national and international cruelty-free fashion designers. Popular brands from the U.S., Poland, UK, Belgium, Korea and China presented their designs in the LEVI Art Studio in downtown Beijing.

ACTAsia’s Founder and Executive Director Pei Su stated that:

China is one of the major fur-producing countries and has now become one of the biggest fur-consuming countries in the world, and the numbers are growing. Millions of animals raised for fur endure tragic lives and horrifying deaths. The industry also has many damaging effects on the environment. The Fur Free Fashion Show encourages the Chinese public, designers and retailers to make compassionate lifestyle choices and join a ‘fur free life’.

The Fur Free China campaign 2014-2015 officially kicked off in Wuhan, promoting Fur Free Life in a fun way. Almost 250 students and volunteers participated in a six km dressed-up bike ride.