High levels of toxic chemicals found in fur by new Chinese study

29 NOVEMBER 2018 – Scientific analysis of six fur fashion items purchased from high-street stores in China has revealed potentially dangerous concentrations of toxic chemicals, in one case 250 times above the levels permitted by law. On the back of this research, Professors and doctors of international standing are calling for governments to take a

Shocking abuses revealed on Lithuanian mink farm

mink trash

LITHUANIA – 17 SEPTEMBER 2016 – A recent investigation on a Lithuanian mink farm in August revealed serious violations of environmental and animal welfare laws. The undercover footage, that was conducted by Lithuanian Fur Free Alliance member Open Cages in August, showed gravely injured animals, dead animals burned on trash piles and improperly handled manure. Gabrielė Vaitkevičiūtė, the head

European Commission withdraws children’s wear with toxic fur

Blumarine Baby toxic fur

BRUSSELS, 1 MARCH 2016 – The European Commission has ordered the withdrawal from the market of children’s jackets with toxic fur collars. A Rapex procedure, a European rapid alert system for dangerous products, was issued after tests showed the fur collars on Blumarine Baby jackets contained high levels of hazardous chemicals. The alarming test results, of a research of

Baby fashion with toxic fur withdrawn from Italian market

Toxic Furs

ITALY, 28 JANUARY 2015 -The Italian Ministry of Health orders the withdrawal of clothing items from the market that contain toxic animal fur components. The withdrawal results from a new research by Italian Fur Free Alliance member LAV (Anti-Vivisection League) that shows high levels of hazardous chemicals in fur on children’s jackets posing a serious

Fur on children’s wear full of toxics

Toxic Furs

AMSTERDAM, 12 JANUARY 2016 –  Fur trims on children’s jackets contain harmful levels of toxic chemicals posing a serious health risk. New research, commissioned by Dutch Fur Free Alliance member Bont voor Dieren, tested children’s wear of well known brands as Canada Goose, Versano, Woolrich, Nickelson and Airforce. All of the brands, that were tested by the German independent research laboratory Bremer

Investigation reveals toxic fur

ITALY, 15 DECEMBER 2015 – Various toxic substances are detected in fur trims of children fashion wear by leading Italian animal rights organization LAV. LAV detected hazardous substances and possible carcinogenic agents in the fur trims that were researched in their second investigation on toxic fur. LAV, launches the TOXIC FUR 2 campaign to pay