Violations found at more than half of the Swedish mink farms in 2014

SWEDEN, 19 JANUARY 2015 – Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights Sweden) has mapped the County Administrative Boards’ inspections of mink farms in Sweden during 2014. At just over 6 out of 10 inspected farms shortcomings in animal husbandry were noted despite the fact that nearly half of the inspected farms were notified in advance about the inspection.

Investigation reveals toxic fur

ITALY, 15 DECEMBER 2015 – Various toxic substances are detected in fur trims of children fashion wear by leading Italian animal rights organization LAV. LAV detected hazardous substances and possible carcinogenic agents in the fur trims that were researched in their second investigation on toxic fur. LAV, launches the TOXIC FUR 2 campaign to pay

Major protest against fur farming in Latvia

RIGA, 29 NOVEMBER 2014 –  Latvian animal protection organizations Dzīvnieku brīvība (Animal Freedom) and Sabiedrība pret kažokādām (Society Against Fur) organized the protest “Latvia Against Fur Farming” with more than 150 people participating. The participants were wearing gas masks to symbolize that this month thousands of animals are being killed with gas at fur farms. The

10.000 signatures in support of a fur ban for the Estonian government

TALLIN, 17 NOVEMBER 2014 – Altogether, the petition for banning fur farms gathered 1180 digital signatures and close to 9000 handwritten or e-mail signatures. This Friday, on November 21, the NGO Loomus will deliver the signatures and the respective registered letter to the Estonian parliament Riigikogu. Kristina Mering, the NGO Loomus project manager, finds that

Thousands of Norwegians took to the streets protesting against fur farming

OSLO, 8 NOVEMBER 2014 – On Saturday the 8th of November, the torches from 7 000 norwegians lit up the streets of Oslo and 14 other cities in Norway in an impressive protest against fur farming. According to Norwegian animal rights organisation NOAH it was the largest number of participants demonstrating against the fur industry

Recent footage from fur farms in Canada reveals suffering

CANADA, 6 NOVEMBER 2014 – Last week The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals in Canada launched the campaign #MakeFurHistory. They have worked with LUSH Cosmetics and the Montreal SPCA to unveil footage obtained from a number of farms across Canada over recent months. Animal welfare scientific expert Dr. Zimmerman commented the footage saying: This footage