Fur Free Alliance urges Flanders to ban fur farming

Animal welfare problems on Norwegian mink farms

In a letter to the Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare Ben Weyts the Fur Free Alliance urges the Minister to represent the opinion of the Belgian citizens and ban fur farming. A ban on fur farming is widely supported by the Belgian population. A large majority of 86 percent of the Belgian citizens considers that

Croatian citizens show support of fur farming ban

Chinchilla farming in Croatia

ZAGREB, 25 FEBRUARY 2015 – Last week Croatian citizens gathered on the central square of the capital city Zagreb to make a public statement against chinchilla fur farming. In 2007 the Croatian government decided to ban fur farming with a phase-out period of 10 years. Recent lobby efforts of chinchilla breeders have focused on an exemption of the ban for chinchilla farming,

Dutch mink ban verdict sets precedent in Europe

THE NETHERLANDS, 14 FEBRUARY 2016 –  The historical verdict of the Dutch court to uphold the mink ban sets a strong precedent for the ethical case against fur farming. The language used by the National Court of Appeals in The Hague is unequivocal; the economical interest of fur farmers is offset by the public interest. The verdict

Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor settle contempt suit fur violations

Raccoon dogs on a fur farm

WASHINGTON, 1  FEBRUARY 2016 – Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor settled a civil contempt suit brought by Fur Free Alliance member The Humane Society of the United States after an investigation revealed more than 40 fur advertising and labeling violations between December 2013 and November 2014. The HSUS’ investigation uncovered evidence that Saks

Exposed: Real Fur Sold as Fake on British High-Street

Fox farming in Canada ©Joanne McArthur/We Animals

LONDON, 26 NOVEMBER 2015 – As winter approaches, and the majority of the British public continue to reject the idea of wearing real animal fur, investigations by Fur Free Alliance member Humane Society International/UK and the BBC’s consumer show Fake Britain expose how inadequate and misleading garment labelling is leaving consumers without clear information to tell

Dutch fur farming industry comes to an end!

THE NETHERLANDS, 10 NOVEMBER 2015 – This morning Dutch court announced its final decision on the appeal of the government against the Dutch mink breeders. To the immense relief of the Fur Free Alliance and its Dutch member Bont voor Dieren, today’s victorious ruling is on the side of six million mink in the Netherlands.