Hugely overweight foxes revealed on Finnish fur farms

Super-sized obese fox

FINLAND, 19 AUGUST 2017 – New footage from five Finnish fur farms shows that the selective breeding of super sized foxes – which caused an uproar in the 1980s – has not come to an end. The video material was filmed during the spring of 2017, says Oikeutta eläimille (Justice for Animals), the organization that released

Advertising Standards Authority reprimands “animal-friendly fur” labels

Raccoon dogs fur farm

30 JULY 2017, THE NETHERLANDS – Last week the Dutch Advertising Standards Authority forced the fur brand Airforce to remove false animal-friendly claims from their labels. The company was selling jackets with raccoon dog fur trims labelled as ‘ethical’ and ‘responsible’. Raccoon dogs are farmed in China in atrocious conditions with hardly any inspections taking place. The Chinese region

Czech ban on fur farming approved by senate

Czech bans fur farming

22 JULY 2017, PRAGUE – Thursday the Czech Senate voted with an overwhelming majority for a law that prohibits fur farming. The vote is a historic victory for animal rights and will spare thousands of animals from a miserable life in a cramped battery cage on a fur farm. Over 80 percent of Czechs support the ban on fur

International organisations urge Czech Senate to end fur farming

letter Czech Senate

16 JULY 2017, PRAGUE – This week 40 animal protection organisations worldwide co-signed a letter to call upon the Czech Senate to end fur farming. The letter was handed over by Fur Free Alliance member organisation Svoboda Zvirat to Mr. Jaroslav Müllner, head of the secretariat of the President of the Senate, and urges the senators

Fur Free Alliance holds press conference in Sarajevo

press conference Sarajevo

13 JULY 2017, SARAJEVO – Yesterday, representatives of the Fur Free Alliance, PETA and the Aarhus Center spoke at a press conference in Sarajevo to call for the implementation of the Bosnian fur farming ban without any further delay. In a highly uncommon procedure the Bosnian government recently voted for a last-minute postponement of the fur farming ban, that was suppose to

Majority of Massachusetts Voters Want to Make it Illegal to Sell Fur Clothing

Fox farming in Canada ©Joanne McArthur/We Animals

22 JUNE 2017, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Today, the Fur-Free Alliance released the results of a poll showing that a majority of Massachusetts voters want a statewide ban on the sale of clothing that contains animal fur. The poll asked voters if they’d support a ban on “the sale of clothing garments containing fur from animals