Award-winning documentary Inside Fur screened in Estonia
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Award-winning documentary Inside Fur screened in Estonia

TALLIN, 3 DECEMBER – Last week the Norwegian Award-winning documentary Inside Fur (Pels) was screened at Tallinn’s Cinema House. The documentary, which gives an alarming inside view on the atrocities of the Nordic fur industry, was internationally released in April 2015 and is currently circulating the global film festival circuit. The film screening, which was organised by Fur Free Alliance member Loomus, was introduced by Norwegian director Ola Waagen to a full house of over 100 visitors. On the 12th of January 2016 another screening of the film will take place in Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, and in May next year the film will be aired on Estonian public television.

The documentary follows psychologist Frank Nervik while he exposes the grim truth about the Nordic fur industry. Posing as a new fur farmer, his hidden camera captures riveting footage of his training and day-to-day work, culminating in him being forced to experience the process all the way to the painful end. Learn more on the website of the documentary and follow Inside Fur on Facebook to stay updated. The trailer of Inside Fur an be viewed here.




Photography: Liina Lelov

Award-winning documentary Inside Fur screened in Estonia