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Fur farm in Czech Republic (2012)

Bill to ban fur farming in Estonia rejected

18 MAY 2017, TALLIN - On 10 May, with 24 votes in favour and 49 against, the parliament of Estonia rejected a bill that would outlaw fur farming in Estonia over a period of ten years. 

czech petition

Czech fur farming ban passed in second reading

13 MAY 2017, PRAGUE - In its second reading the Czech Chamber of Deputies voted in favor of the amendment of the bill that bans the breeding and killing of animals for fur. The amendment was propose

Mink farming

Bosnian government urged to uphold fur farming ban

25 APRIL 2017 - In a letter to the members of the Bosnian House of Peoples the Fur Free Alliance urges the Bosnian government to stay committed to the Animal Protection and Welfare Act that

fur sales ban Berkely

City of Berkeley bans the sales of fur

BERKELY, UNITED STATES, 10 APRIL 2017 - The City Council of Berkeley CA last week voted to adopt an ordinance banning the sale of fur apparel, signaling that Berkeley is a city that cares about all i

cat fur sold as faux fur

Illegal cat fur sold as faux fur on British high-street

10 APRIL 2017, LONDON—An investigation by Fur Free Alliance member Humane Society International/UK has discovered shoes containing real cat fur for sale on the British high-street by y

Seventeen foxes rescued from Polish fur farm

Lucky seventeen – foxes rescued from cruel Polish fur farms

Cruel conditions revealed on a fox fur farm in Raciborsk, near Wieliczka. Seventeen foxes were rescued by the Open Cages Association. The foxes will be tak


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