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March against fur in Lithuania

Lithuanians march against fur farming

13 FEBRUARY 2017 - Last month Lithuanian citizens took the streets to protest the extreme animal cruelty in the fur industry.  Around 1000 participants gathered on t

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Estonian population against fur farming

ESTONIA, 5 FEBRUARY 2017 -  69% of the Estonian population does not support raising and killing animals on farms for fur and 75% of the Estonians disapprove of the use of animals in circuses, as was

Israel ban on fur sales

Fur sales ban in Israel back on the agenda

ISRAEL, 3 FEBRUARY 2017 - Next Monday, the Ministerial Law Committee is due to discuss a bill that would ban the sale of fur and fur products in Israel. The proposed law imposes a six-month sentence

Kik goes fur free

KiK joins the Fur Free Retailer Program

HAMBURG, 28 JANUARI 2017 - Since last week consumers can be sure not to find any real animal fur when shopping at KiK. Germany’s leading textile discount for the entire family, with 3

Poznan zoo adopt rescued foxes from fur farms

Polish zoo opens sanctuary for injured foxes from fur farms

POLAND, 17 JANUARY 2017 - Cyryl and Ferdinand, the two injured foxes that were rescued from Polish fur farms, are settling in their new sanctuary in the Poznan Zoo. Last year November

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India bans the import of mink, fox and chinchilla fur

INDIA, 6 JANUARY 2017 - The Director General of Foreign Trade in India, which comes under the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has banned the import of skins of